Where Do Pests Commonly Hide Inside a Home?

Where Do Pests Commonly Hide Inside a Home?

It’s no secret that pests can reproduce quickly and take over a home incredibly fast. Knowing the typical hiding spots of common pests, such as cockroaches or mice, can help detect them early enough to remove them before they become much of a problem. While preventative pest control is your best option for keeping your home safe from potential infestations, here are some of the places pests commonly hide inside a home.

The Kitchen

Because your kitchen can potentially provide easy access to food and water, it is often one of the most frequented rooms inside of a home for pests and the location where pests commonly hide most. Remember, pests are primarily inside of your home because they are looking for food, shelter and water. For this reason, your kitchen and pantry will typically be the first place that you should look for signs of a problem if you think you may have a pest infestation.

Around Appliances

You likely have a wide variety of appliances in your home outside of your kitchen, including laundry and heating and air machines. Because these areas provide warm, undisturbed shelter for pests they will often become a perfect nesting location for pests. During your search, it is also important to inspect any piping that leads into the house that may be providing entry.

The Garage

You might be surprised to learn what pests are building their home inside of your garage. From spiders and mice to cockroaches, the garage provides easy access to your home not only for you but the wide variety of pests that have made it their nesting area. To limit the pests that are finding their way into your garage, check the weatherstripping at your garage door and replace it as needed.

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