Indigo In Flow

Quinton is extremely honest, diligent, and professional. He’s upfront about what you as the customer need to do to eliminate the pest, and this is very much a two-sided job. I had a spider problem, and I also had a lot of cardboard boxes in my house. He came in to spray and explained that I’d created a spider haven. I had been paying Alta Pest Control monthly to spray both inside and outside for ten months, and I was bit by a brown recluse three times. I reached out to Quinton and he sprayed once, and I haven’t been biten since. He and his wife Dawn are personable, compassionate, and efficient. He’s even called to check up on my situation! If you want someone that actually cares about you and your well-being, you’ve found the right place. I trust them with my baby’s well-being, as she could have also been bit, (and was, but not by a recluse.) They call back when they say they will call back, and they’re on time when they schedule. This company has true integrity, they’re affordable, and they bring peace of mind with their service. I highly recommend these are the kind of people you want taking care of your household. They’ve earned a customer for life.