Residential Pest Control

Our Residential Pest Control Process

Advanced Pest Solutions professionals inspect your Bartlesville, OK home thoroughly to evaluate the situation. We then advise clients about maintenance, housekeeping or landscaping issues that may attract pests. Advanced Pest Solutions will then identify the pests and recommend appropriate solutions and provide a customized plan to manage pests in your home. See our commercial pest control page for businesses.

Controlling Indoor Pests

Are you experiencing pests in your house? This is not only a creepy and annoying situation, but it can also threaten you and your family’s health and property. A visit from Advanced Pest Solutions ensures a safe and healthy environment along with a pest-free home.

Controlling Outdoor Pests

Pest Control Service Northeast Oklahoma and Southeast Kansas for Red Ants

Are outdoor pests threatening your peace of mind? You may be worried that bugs and spiders are planning to come inside for the season. In most cases, ineffective or nonexistent exterior pest control can lead to indoor infestations. We can create a pest-free zone around your house. Our reasonably priced service plans will keep the creepy crawlies outside where they belong.

Roaches, Ants, and Other Annoying Bugs

First, we will inspect your property thoroughly to determine the extent of infestation, and then our experts will suggest helpful cleaning routines that will make your place less attractive to bugs. After that, we can start eliminating the pests using any of the following services:


We use crack and crevice baiting in the areas where insects live, breed, and hide. Many pests prefer dark, out-of-the-way places like the areas under your cabinets and the void spaces between walls. Baiting these places will minimize any accidental pesticide exposure for kids and pets and keep your food supply safe.

Pest Control Service Northeast Oklahoma and Southeast Kansas Dead cockroaches
Direct Contact

We apply the pesticides directly to the insects or in their hiding places. Our arsenal includes a number of contact sprays that will do the job with minimal risk.

Insect Growth Regulators

These are chemicals that imitate insect hormones. They prevent bugs from breeding by interfering with their growth cycles.

Enjoy a Rodent-free Home

We will conduct a meticulous inspection to discover where rodents are gaining entry and determine the extent of the infestation. Next, we build a program to exterminate them and prevent their return.

Our Pest Management Programs

You may be fortunate enough to need only one treatment service, but you may also take advantage of our convenient quarterly, bimonthly, monthly, or weekly treatment plans. We also offer customized “odd jobs” that include monthly treatments for a period of 4 or 6 months. The pests change with the seasons, so you may need to eliminate ants and roaches during one season only to have fleas and rodents plague your home when the weather changes. You can avoid this frustration by requesting one of our specially designed programs to tackle your particular vermin while staying on budget. When it comes to Bartlesville pest control we are the best!

Eliminate Pests for GOOD!

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