Rodents / Mice


Rodents make up about 40% of the mammal population and can cause great damage around your home from creating nests to the continuous chewing and gnawing on anything from clothing to wood and even electrical wire. They are very challenging to control. They are commonly found living within food sources like restaurants, warehouses, barns, and both rural and urban areas.

Eliminating Rats

Rat ControlRats are leery of new items in their environment like traps and bait so they tend to stay away. They nest in attics, inside walls, and other hard to reach places. Rats can carry and transmit a number of serious diseases. They may even bring other insects into your home like ticks and fleas.

Eliminating Mice

Mouse ControlMice invade your home when seeking food, water, and warmth. that is why you might see more of them during the winter months. Mice prefer to eat fruit and grain but have adapted to eat almost any type of food scrap. while a mouse is hunting for food, it will contaminate a lot more food than it actually eats.
Controlling mice requires several steps and the most important one is sanitation. Mice leave urine, feces and other toxic and unsanitary problems wherever they go. Mice will look anywhere for food so it is necessary to keep your maintenance up in your yard and garbage cans secure. It is also a good idea to set mouse traps, this will help reduce the population. Contact Advanced Pest Solutions and Pest Control of Bartlesville, OK for a free inspection. After our initial visit, a plan will be created to eliminate and prevent them from coming back. When it comes to Bartlesville pest control we are the best!

Pests That We Target

Advanced Pest Solutions can eliminate several varieties of pests but we specialize in Roaches, Bed Bugs, Ants, Spiders, Rodents, and Fleas. Call us today to discuss how we can eliminate unwanted pests.


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