Finding Spiders Around Your Claremore, OK Home? Advanced Pest Solutions Provides Superior Spider Control!

During the fall months, it seems like more spiders begin making themselves known inside of your home. While they likely have been there the whole summer season, they have now finally grown to an easily recognizable size or are looking for a mate. While not all spiders are dangerous, the presence of them in your home can be unsettling. If you are starting to see more creepy crawlies in your home this fall season, Advanced Pest Solutions can help with superior spider control.

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Protect Your Bartlesville, OK Home From Disease Spreading Mice; Call Advanced Pest Solutions for Rodent Control!

Running into a rodent in your home can be a frightening experience. Because these pests have become such excellent scavengers and secretive creatures, they are extremely capable of finding their way into your home this fall without the proper precautions in place. While rodents may look adorable, they could be carrying a wide range of diseases and destroying your home from inside of the walls. If you suspect mice or rats may be lurking inside of your walls, call Advanced Pest Solutions for rodent control!

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3 Warning Signs of a Potential Pest Infestation

It can be hard to feel comfortable in your own home if you are sharing it with pests. Not only are pests terrible house guests that eat your food and leave a mess, they could be exposing you or your family members to a wide variety of diseases. To ensure you remain safe, here are 3 warning signs of a potential pest infestation that could signal it’s time to call a pest control professional. Continue reading “3 Warning Signs of a Potential Pest Infestation”

Where Do Pests Commonly Hide Inside a Home?

It’s no secret that pests can reproduce quickly and take over a home incredibly fast. Knowing the typical hiding spots of common pests, such as cockroaches or mice, can help detect them early enough to remove them before they become much of a problem. While preventative pest control is your best option for keeping your home safe from potential infestations, here are some of the places pests commonly hide inside a home. Continue reading “Where Do Pests Commonly Hide Inside a Home?”

The Benefits of Preventative Pest Control

At all times, your home could be attracting unwanted pests in search of food, shelter and water. This becomes a particularly troubling problem during the summer months as temperatures begin to rise and more pests remain active. Whether you are seeing cockroaches, spiders or anything between, here are some of the benefits of preventative pest control for your home. Continue reading “The Benefits of Preventative Pest Control”

Is Exterior Pest Control More Effective Than Interior Pest Control?

As the pest control industry has evolved, so too have the methods used to treat for pests. Traditionally, regular pest control consisted of spraying the entirety of the baseboards inside of a home and then returning monthly to do it all over again. However, in recent years, pest control technicians have had more success with exterior pest control treatments that are designed to keep bugs and other pests from ever making their way inside. Continue reading “Is Exterior Pest Control More Effective Than Interior Pest Control?”

What Brings Ants Indoors?

During the spring and summer seasons, it is not uncommon for Oklahoma homeowners to find unwanted ants around their property and, even worse, inside of their homes. However, understanding what areas provide safety for ants around your property and what draws them closer can help keep them from infesting your home. If you are struggling with an ant infestation or want to be proactive, we will explain a few of the problems that could be bringing ants indoors around your property. Continue reading “What Brings Ants Indoors?”

Signs of a Cockroach Infestation

Finding roaches in your home or business can be a difficult experience. Not only are these pests unsanitary, they can easily make your structure seem less hospitable. As the home of the Roach Reaper program, Advanced Pest Solutions has dealt with its fair share of cockroach infestations. If you have seen any of these potential warning signs of cockroach infestation around your home or business, it may be time to give us a call. Continue reading “Signs of a Cockroach Infestation”

3 Ways to Prevent Brown Recluse Spiders

Finding an increase in the number of spiders around your home can be a terrifying experience. Even worse, dangerous spider species such as the brown recluse can grow their numbers incredibly quickly if they aren’t properly dealt with. While a little more dangerous than the average spider, brown recluse prevention is typically very much the same. If you are seeing brown recluse spiders around your home, these common spider prevention techniques can help keep them out. Continue reading “3 Ways to Prevent Brown Recluse Spiders”

Protect Your Home With Spring Ant Control

Throughout spring, many Oklahoma homes and businesses will become the target of ant infestation. Unfortunately, the weather patterns in this region of the United States makes it the perfect environment for a wide variety of ant species to flourish. If your home has become a beacon for ants this season, here are 3 ways you can protect your home with spring ant control. Continue reading “Protect Your Home With Spring Ant Control”