3 Ways to Prevent Brown Recluse Spiders

3 Ways to Prevent Brown Recluse Spiders

Finding an increase in the number of spiders around your home can be a terrifying experience. Even worse, dangerous spider species such as the brown recluse can grow their numbers incredibly quickly if they aren’t properly dealt with. While a little more dangerous than the average spider, brown recluse prevention is typically very much the same. If you are seeing brown recluse spiders around your home, these common spider prevention techniques can help keep them out.

Limit Outdoor Lighting

Like other spiders, brown recluse spiders feed on soft-bodied insects like flies, crickets and cockroaches. Unfortunately, by leaving safety lights on outdoors at night, you may be attracting these insects and hungry brown recluse spiders that are searching for food. If you are only leaving these lights on out of habit and they don’t serve a larger purpose, you may benefit from turning these lights off.

Eliminate Hiding Areas

In most cases, brown recluse spiders create their nesting locations in dark, secluded areas that aren’t likely to be disturbed. This will typically include debris that can be found around your yard such as wood piles, stationary trash cans or old tires. By removing these items and keeping your landscaping maintained, you will be less likely to accommodate their required hiding spots.

Seal Cracks and Entry Points

Brown recluse prevention, and general pest prevention, requires you to limit the potential cracks and crevices that these pests could use to gain entry into your home. Carefully examine the foundation and doors around your home then seal cracks with caulk and add weatherstripping wherever it is needed. This can help ensure that the potential entry points into your home are no longer available.

Why Advanced Pest Solutions?

Dealing with a brown recluse infestation on your own can be incredibly dangerous if you don’t have the proper safety precautions in place. To get rid of them for good, it is important to partner with a knowledgeable and experienced pest control specialist like Advanced Pest Solutions. We provide superior spider control solutions for both Northeast Oklahoma and Southeast Kansas including Bartlesville, Coffeyville, Sedan, Dearing or anywhere in between!

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