Is Exterior Pest Control More Effective Than Interior Pest Control?

Is Exterior Pest Control More Effective Than Interior Pest Control?

As the pest control industry has evolved, so too have the methods used to treat for pests. Traditionally, regular pest control consisted of spraying the entirety of the baseboards inside of a home and then returning monthly to do it all over again. However, in recent years, pest control technicians have had more success with exterior pest control treatments that are designed to keep bugs and other pests from ever making their way inside.

Look at it this way, if you were to only treat the inside of your home the product residual will likely only last for up to 30 days. Beyond this, the effectiveness of the chemical used will continue to decline and not provide the results needed to remove pests. This is why continued treatments are required monthly as part of a preventative pest control plan to keep many locations pest-free.

To maintain effective pest control standards, Advanced Pest Solutions encourages our clients to invest in exterior pest control treatments. All pests have to find their way indoors from the outside. With exterior pest control treatments, you can effectively limit the number of pests that can thrive on your property. This not only increases the effectiveness of interior pest control treatments if they are performed but ensures your entire property is protected from potential pests that may be present.

If you are ready to get proactive about your pest problems and see real results, Advanced Pest Solutions is here to help. We utilize highly-effective treatments that have become standards in the industry to ensure the most effective service possible. You don’t have to suffer from pest problems anymore when you partner with us. Let us help make your house feel like a home again!

Why Advanced Pest Solutions?

At Advanced Pest Solutions, we specialize in exterior pest control treatments for a wide variety of pests. Our exterior pest control program is an Integrated Pest Management regimen that employs both chemical and non-chemical applications. We provide superior pest control solutions for both Northeast Oklahoma and Southeast Kansas including Bartlesville, Coffeyville, Sedan, Dearing or anywhere in between!

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