Cricket season is upon us!

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Every season has a different pest issue. This is the season for the cricket. They start showing up in houses, possibly chirping all night. I am sure you have had an evening or night where you have an annoying cricket chirping in the same room that you are trying to sleep in.

You get up and try to find them, but normally they are hidden under something and you can’t silence their song. We see it every year the crickets show up all at once to sing you to sleep. However, sleep is usually not easy to get when you have a cricket chirping near you in your bedroom. Crickets are one of those insects that are not concerning to you during the day. The issue however becomes quite apparent when the lights go out and the singing begins. Crickets can also damage clothing, drapes, or wall coverings with staining from feces or vomitus, or by feeding activities.  The crickets are primarily outdoor insects they are what we in pest control industry call occasional invaders. The cricket population increases in the months of August and September. The most important single cause of cricket infestations around homes and commercial buildings is lighting. Reducing outdoor lights is the first, and most important, step in a cricket control program. Low-pressure sodium vapor lights and yellow incandescent “bug lights” are less attractive to crickets than standard incandescent, fluorescent, mercury vapor or halogen lights. The second control measure is to seal all potential points of entry. Such sites will include door thresholds, weep holes, windows and such. Liquid insecticides sprays are another tool to eliminating crickets before they get into the structure. Insecticides are only a partial solution to cricket problems. Insecticides should be used in conjunction with reductions in outdoor lighting for best control. An (IPM) Integrated Pest Management plan should be implemented to take care of the issue. Please call, or email if you have any issues, concerns or you need to schedule an inspection or estimate. The email is, phone number is 918-440-8797 and our web site is We look forward to hearing from you.

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