Ant Control

Pavement Ant

Here we are starting a new month and the ants have been crazy! We have had all kinds of calls for ant control. It has been an extremely bad year for them. We at Advanced Pest Solutions always tell people that general spraying for ants is somewhat useless.

The reason for this is that its a numbers game. You can kill all the ants you see and not put a dent in the colony or colonies that you are dealing with. APS will inspect first, and bait the areas that need to be treated. There are times when dusting a wall void is necessary. A determining factor that needs to be understood is that there are wall nesting ants and ground nesting ants. This needs to be determined in order to treat effectively. One of the biggest mistakes that is made with the baiting is the location of the bait placement. Sometimes sprays are applied on the outside and bait placements are applied on the inside. This actually can create a larger issue. Why would you want to bait interior and actually bring more ants into structure. Ants like most all other insects require more than just spraying baseboards. We have a great track record of eliminating ants in structures that have always had ant issues. There are many different things that can be done to help with ant infestation. You need to keep grass mown down, and bushes and trees trimmed off the structure. The other thing that is always a problem is moisture. Ants love moisture if you have moisture next to or under the structure. Gutters need to be installed with water being run away from the house. Conducive conditions are a main reason for ant infestations. Please give us a call for all your ant issues or questions. We would love to help any way we can. Our number is 918-440-8797.