Protect Your Home With Spring Ant Control

Throughout spring, many Oklahoma homes and businesses will become the target of ant infestation. Unfortunately, the weather patterns in this region of the United States makes it the perfect environment for a wide variety of ant species to flourish. If your home has become a beacon for ants this season, here are 3 ways you can protect your home with spring ant control. Continue reading “Protect Your Home With Spring Ant Control”

New web-site

Hi everyone hope all is good in your world.  We are needing your help we just got a new web site up and going was needing your input. Tell us if there is anything you don’t like or anything that you would like to see. We are able to do blogs on it as well. We are needing your of ideas for blog topics. You tell us what you want to know about and we will try to inform you. Please get back with us with your ideas and critiques.

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Service Area


Here we are starting a new month again. It has been real wet this spring so there have been lots of ants infestations. Remember as the June days start to warm up the brown recluse spiders will be coming down from the attic. Call for a brown recluse spider service.

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Let Advanced Pest Solutions Solve Your Pest Problems

Have a mouse in the house? Spiders spinning webs around your staircase? Cockroaches crawling across your carpet? Whether commercial or residential, Advanced Pest Solutions can take call of all your pest problems. Home of “The Roach Reaper,” we specialize in eliminating German Cockroaches from any home or business. We also offer comprehensive pest elimination services for bed bugs, ants, spiders, rodents and fleas.

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